WDPI. Peace Warriors

Igniting contagious peace

Created by Forest Whitaker, the aim of the WPDI Foundation is to train mediators who can foster a peaceful climate across several world regions. How? By training war-locked populations so that they can become peace mediators and tutors. R2 joined Forest’s initiative for his message to become accessible to as many people as possible.


Boosting the foundation's visibility and engaging with an over-solicited target audience.

Our solution

We wanted to tackle the main obstacle to donations: faceless organizations and intangible giving. Keeping close track of the foundation's activities, we produced a 90-minute story. Immersed in its everyday actions and driven by a renowned ambassador, we were able to engage an entire community.

Peace Warriors retraces the journeys of the peace warriors who are trying to change a country. Released in the first half of 2018.