Sobiyourself. #friendship

Harnessing a community around a new alibi brand

To encourage connection with a millennial audience, we designed an entirely new brand: Sobiyourself. Associating it with an original Messenger competition and a series of parties across France, it became an anthem to friendship and partying.


How can involvement be generated for a freshly launched brand?

Our solution

Occupying Messenger, a conversation platform where ALL millennials come together . How? By creating the very first competition via a Messenger bot. The game involved creating "buddy crews" to test friendships through three challenges that had to be carried out as part of a crew. This boiled down to a showcase site that directed users to the chatbot, boosted by a zoomed up media strategy, collaborations with influencers (Woop Gang), and a road show that measured up to the scope of our ambitions: Burning Man!

The day drew

nearly 18 million contacts were made, over 1,000 crews created, with a 2.8% engagement rate!