Royal Canin. woof! woof!

Establishing cat expertise for a brand traditionally associated with dogs

For several years now, we have been helping Royal Canin navigate its digital transformation and communication strategy. Following the creation of a new website, numerous competitions, an app, video activations and an overhaul of their member area, we are embarking on a fresh challenge: to claim dominion over cat territory!


Showcasing cats when the brand has traditionally been associated with the world of dogs.

Our solution

Capitalizing on the company's image as experts in dog nutrition and extending it to cats. With felines in the spotlight, our aim was to draw attention to the brand's long-standing expertise.

Harnessing key moments, from our Wikicat site to a worldwide web series concentrated on kittens or digital activations such as Cat Week, we've secured a leading position for the brand in terms of pet knowledge. And we're only getting started! #Meow