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Celebrating levi’s® very first 501® day

Levi’s® 501® jeans, the brand’s iconic cut, now have a day in their honor, 501® Day. To celebrate, the brand entrusted us with the European digital activation of their event. Our aim was to bring together and involve the Levi’s® community. Going by influencers and brand aficionados, the event beat all records!


Fostering involvement for an event that was as yet unknown, the very first 501® Day.

Our solution

Inviting the community to create a collaborative anthem celebrating 501® jeans as they deserve to be. On Instagram, Levi's® influencers and fans posted distinctive moves and sounds for #501day, which we then used to create an original video and soundtrack.

The day drew

10 countries 63 influencers 8 million views and 260 million impressions!